Introducing One of The Most Lucrative Rental Programs Available In Nassau

In addition to the incredible lifestyle of owning a home in the Bahamas, a $500,000 suite purchase at The Residences at Goldwynn secures an incredible financial opportunity. The program guarantees $30,000 USD tax-free rental income and opens the door to elevating your wealth portfolio into the future.

$30,000 USD tax-free rental income

Guaranteed!  Elevate your wealth portfolio now and into the future.

Rental Program Details

Goldwynn’s rental guarantee program revolves around the studio units on the hotel side of the building (golf course views). These suites are priced from $500,000 to $675,000 USD and come fully furnished and accessorized to a modern, boutique hotel standard.  That means that at closing, your suite is visitor ready. As an owner you don’t have to purchase any additional furnishings or worry about creating a rental process to attract quality demand. That’s all done for you – and it’s completed to a guaranteed luxury standard.

Our condo-hotel is affiliated with Small Luxury Hotels, which specializes in marketing and distribution for independently owned hotels. For renters, it’s a luxury standard that attracts demand through reputation and accountability. For owners, it’s a legitimate process that requires no effort or time to manage. In other words, it’s peace of mind to know your investment is always in good hands.

The full guarantee value outlined in our brochure involves turning your suite over to Goldwynn’s hotel management for rental purposes year-round. Although, owners may occupy their residence for up to three months every year for a pro-rated return. There are also no restrictions on owner usage. If you choose to forego the rental income benefit, your furnished luxury suite is always ready for you to enjoy.

Guaranteed 6% Return on your Investment 

Assuming zero-owner occupancy, our rental program guarantees $30,000 tax-free rental income for owners per annum. That’s paid quarterly in increments of $7,500 USD and that’s how your investment works for you while you are away.

A minimum investment of $500,000 USD at Goldwynn translates to a robust 6% net return for owners. This is a pleasant contrast to record low and even negative interest rates that we are seeing around the world today. 

Further to this guaranteed income, a $500,000 real estate purchase in the Bahamas automatically qualifies owners for residency status. This status opens the door for you to legally benefit from the country’s tax-neutral environment. It also guarantees additional benefits that include no capital-gains tax, and no inheritance tax.

A Destination in Demand

Leveraging Nassau’s High Short-Term Rental Demand

Our Nassau location is the most popular destination in the Bahamas. Our rental guarantee program leverages this high tourist demand for owners with vacancies. Goldwynn’s condominium hotel offers a boutique beachfront setting that actively compliments the entertainment-hub of the island. The result is a winning combination that offers something for everyone.


Rental Program Basics


  • $500,000USD INVESTMENT

Goldwynn’s boutique hotel is centrally located in proximity to countless tourist attractions. It complements the large, neighbouring resorts of the Baha Mar and Paradise Island, and offers a sophisticated twist to these expansive counterparts.

Our location is how we guarantee renters. Nassau’s North Shore creates an insatiable demand for visitors to explore the largest casino in the region, a championship golf course, and over forty world-class restaurants. Goldwynn’s condo-hotel is uniquely positioned to benefit from its proximity to these premier destinations. It’s a luxury beachfront experience with walking distance to the absolute best entertainment available in the Bahamas. Every day brings new adventures in the sun, and a quiet sanctuary awaits you when you are ready to relax.

By participating in our rental program, owners can take advantage of the high demand for luxury beachfront rentals on Nassau.  It’s about owning a luxury hotel property in a premiere destination without hassle or concern.

The opportunity is here. We can help.

Now that we have shared the details of our program we’re certain that you want to know more!

Reach out to the Goldwynn team and our sales agents will share all the details about hotel suite ownership (spoiler alert! You are going to love it). We’re happy to answer questions about the program and walk you through the details of our  online booking system.  This is a flexible program, with no in-house resoert fees, that is designed to benefit our owners by creating opportunity without hassle.

It’s guaranteed income in a destination that is guaranteed to delight your whole family!