Inspiring New Condo Development In The Bahamas

Wynn Developments is proud to be building the inspiring new condo development in the Bahamas, The Residences at Goldwynn.  In its latest beachfront project, Wynn Development marries old-world romanticism with contemporary design that can only be achieved through exceptional taste and attention to detail.

GoldWynn represents an opportunity to those looking for more than just a playground in the sun or the financial benefits of Bahamian permanent residency. This remarkable new resort-condo development carries with it a rich history with royal ties.

Cable Beach Bahamas

Cable Beach is the site of new condo development in the Bahamas, Residences at Goldwynn.  The resort area is lined with five-star accommodations and amenities including the prestigious Baha Mar and the Atlantis on Paradise island.

Nassau’s History

The north shore of New Providence has a reputation for being an exclusive vacation paradise, one that has attracted visitors for over three hundred years. The Bahamian island hosts the national capital city of Nassau, and a short distance from that downtown centre lies beautiful white sand coastlines.

Nassau’s history is rooted in British Colonial influence.  The city has been named not once – but twice! – after British Monarchs. It was founded as a fort named Charles Town in 1670. An intriguing few decades ensued when the area became a haven for pirates who prayed on Spanish ships passing through. This led to a Spanish raid on the island at the turn of the century when the original colony burned down. It was then revised to Nassau after England’s King William (1689 – 1702) who belonged to a branch of the House of Nassau (an aristocratic dynasty in Europe).

Today the north shore of the island is one of the most luxurious destinations in the Caribbean. Within a ten-mile radius lies the Cable Beach resort area, lined with five-star accommodations and amenities including the prestigious Baha Mar and the Atlantis on Paradise island. In the middle of this lies Goodman’s Bay Beach, a protected coastline with its own unique history of British influence and fame.

Gold Blossom Estate

In 1936, Gold Blossom Estate was built on 5-acres overlooking Goodman’s Bay. The structure was designed in a traditional British colonial architectural style, painted in pastel colors with spacious verandas overlooking the shoreline. The glamorous estate was designed to capture the essence of island living while paying tribute to traditional European design. The dining room at Gold Blossom welcomed many famous guests over the years, including American actors Clarke Gable and Sean Connery.

Wallis and Edward

The glamorous couple photographed in the Bahamas in 1942 (Pinterest)

The most famous visitor to the establishment was, no doubt, King Edward IIV.  Edward moved to the island in 1939 at the start of the Second World War to serve as Governor of the Bahamas.  In their epic love story, the King abdicated the throne in order to marry Wallis Simpson, an American socialite whose personal history did not comply with Royal standards.  This situation forced the King to make a decision that forever changed the course of British history. Edward and Wallis lived out the war time in the Governor’s Mansion in Nassau which overlooked the spectacular views of Goodman’s Bay.

GoldBlossom Estate inspired the Design at Goldwynn

The elements of texture and space that inspired GoldWynn.

It was the elements of texture and space that inspired the GoldWynn. In 2014, the Wynn group acquired Gold Blossom Estate and their lies the roots of the GoldWynn name. The private property, made famous by royals and celebrities almost a hundred years ago, is now being repurposed and modernized for the next generation. The vision behind the new Residences is to re-create the glamorous details that Wallis Simpson sought for her Nassau home . Stone floors, large windows, custom ironworks, and modern wood paneling amidst expansive terraces are among the glamorous design.

Opening of The Goldwynn Residences

Today, construction of The Goldwynn is well underway.  Despite the brief break from construction due to the world-wide COVID pandemic, the new condo development in the Bahamas is scheduled to open Spring of 2022.  What an incredible future to look forward to for residence owners of this spectacular new oceanfront property.  For more information about ownership or the Bahamas permanent residency program,  take a moment to register and review our floor plans or contact us directly for pricing and availability.